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The One-Meal Diet

It is not an easy task to convince someone that they can lose weight by simply taking one meal in a day. Weight loss goes hand in hand with minimal eating. The reality is that not many people will buy into the idea of losing weight by taking one meal. They will sooner believe it is possible to lose weight by taking more meals and exercising more. This strategy has been shown to be the most counterproductive. Many health and fitness experts occur with this viewpoint.

There is some basis to support the idea of losing more weight when you take six meals a day. The only problem with it is that rarely so people know how it works, and therefore end up doing it wrong, much to their disappointment. What is normally needed in this case is to find six meals which you can consume, and still be below what your body needs in terms of calories on a daily basis. Take an example of a person who needs 2000 calories a day for fuel. If they decide to follow the diet of six meals a day in order to lose weight, they will need to keep each meal below 325 calories. Finding six meals that each contain less than 325 calories is a challenge most people cannot manage.

When it comes to adequate weight loss, one needs to consume fewer calories than the body requires for fuel, until they start to lose weight. The same example of the individual who needs 2000 calories to get their daily fuel needs can be applied here. If they mostly take water for the day, and go home to eat one meal, they shall easily accomplish their mission. What they need to do is to keep their meal’s calorie count to around the 1000 mark. In one week, they shall have managed a 7000 calorie deficit easy. This means they shall have lost 2lbs of fat, and that is all without even exercising.

When looked from this angle, it does not seem like such a hard thing to do. When you lead an active life, which involves a bit of walking around, carrying things, and minimal working out, this process becomes even more efficient. Those who continue to exercise the same discipline of one meal a day and even more activities, such as more intense exercises, they shall see faster results. To ensure this is manageable in the long run, plan well how you shall use this method. On those other days, you should take healthy and balanced meals at near your body’s caloric needs levels. Add onto it a good exercise plan, and you will attain your desired goal. You will then have the body you always wanted.

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