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The Duration that Weed Stays in the Body

This is actually a topic that most of us have thought through at some point in life. The time can however depend on someone’s condition as well as frequency of smoking It is wise to note that the more one smokes, the more it stays in their bodies. The main component in weed is known as THC The below ways are some ways to help determine how long weed can be detected in the body.

The first test can be done by checking THC in saliva. It has been proven that THC does not last long in spit. Normally, traffic police do rely on this method on drivers they suspect to be using it while on the road. Traces of THC will be seen in your spit approximately 1 hour after smoking marijuana. Those that use it often have a time span of 72 hours. Those who engage in heavy smoking should wait for at least a week or so. You can use a cheat slip to find out how long marijuana will be evident. There is an actual way known as Clear Choice Oral Clear that is used on people so as they can remove their contaminants in saliva. It is easy to make THC untraceable in saliva by chewing gum and after 30 seconds or so, the body is contaminant free.

Another way of testing THC is by testing urine. This is because this method is cheap and quite popular. It also has an extensive revealing period. The amount of time needed will depend on how frequent you smoke weed. Since THC is usually deposited in fats that are in the body, there are high chances of it collecting gradually inside the body. There is need to know that the more one smokes weed, the higher the chances of it being traced in urine. For example, when used once, it lasts up to 8 days, if used more than once, 15 days, regular usage means it can last for a period of about 45 to 77 days.

It is also possible to test THC in blood. This method is not very popular like others. The easiest way is to locate a place in the body that is full of fat since that is where most THC is located. Unplanned blood tests for marijuana usually happen to be rare. The only way to detect it in blood is 24 hours for a one time user, 3 days for a regular user and a week for a heavy user.

To conclude, weed stays in our bodies for longer times as compared to other drugs. This is due to the fact that THC collects up in the body as fat.

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